LC21: The Bedroom (Winter Sunset) Light & Comp Setup

Lighting Challenge # 21: The Bedroom
Modeling: David Vacek
Everything Else: Herbert Agudera

Winter Sunset Theme: I pretty much like the camera angle when i opened the file so i decided to keep it. you can also see how i positioned some of the lights in the scene.

Lights: i wanted to light the scene in a semi-traditional way. i used two spotlights as my sun/key lights and two arealights for my sky/Fill lights. i used a lot of spotlights as bounce lights to illuminate some of the darker parts.

MR Lights: later on i added mia_portal_light, attached a ramp texture done using photoshop, connected it to my skylights and turned on Final Gathering.

Render Layers: made an occlusion pass for more contact shadows. and added 3 more fill lights, put it on a separate pass for me to easily manipulate its intensity during post.

Rendered Images (view image in a separate tab for a larger version)

Post: just a simple compositing work. adjusted the curves then imported it to Lightroom for some color correction and added some chromatic aberration.

LC21: The Bedroom (Teenage Angst) Light & Comp Setup

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