Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom

Challenge #21 features a set used in a short film by David Tousek. The challenge is to light and render the scene to express AT LEAST ONE of the following feelings with the scene:
glorious morning
teenage angst
afraid of the dark
winter mood
romantic sunset

The deadline is December 31, 2009, although if you post your work earlier, other participants can give you feedback. You can download the 3D scene files from here:

This scene was modeled by David Vacek.

Visit CGS Lighting Challenge Thread

I decided to do a Sunset Winter Mood.

Render 1: Basic Lighting

Render 2: Added bounce lights

Render 3: Added more bounce lights and turned on final gathering

Render 4: Added a couple of fill lights and used occlusion pass

Render 5: Darker shadows under the bed and table.

Teen Angst Render 1: UVlight lit room

Teen Angst Render 2: Added textures for more UV effect

Teen Angst Render 3: Added textures, dirt and fog

Teen Angst Render 4: Added more textures and fog

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