LC21: The Bedroom (Teenage Angst) Light & Comp Setup

Lighting Challenge # 21: The Bedroom
Modeling: David Vacek
Everything Else: Herbert Agudera

Teenage Angst Theme: i wanted to do this theme first, but at the time when i started working on the texture i still don't know how i wanted it to look and feel angry. after working on the Winter Sunset Theme that's when i got the idea of lighting it like it's being lit by a black/UV-lamp. i wanted it look like when the UVlamp is off, you wont be able to see the graffiti, nice and clean like the Winter Sunset version. but when it's night and the UV lamp is on, it's an angry room.

Lights: lighting on this scene was very simple. i had one pointlight that serves as the key light or my black/UV light; another pointlight for the table lamp; and an arealight for the light coming from the outside.

UVlight Effect: i did this just by adding a texture map (color adjusted in photoshop) and connecting it to the ambient color of the shader. that's it nothing really special. :)

Render Layers: later on i added two lights a volumelight and a spotlight for the fog/smoke, each on a separate render layer.

Rendered Images (view image in a separate tab for a larger version)

Post: just a simple compositing work. adjusted the curves then imported it to Lightroom for some color correction and added some chromatic aberration.

LC21: The Bedroom (Winter Sunset) Light & Comp Setup

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