Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History

the scene

The goal here is to bring this scene to life, adding convincing lighting and depth to the space. You can use whatever software or techniques you want to create an original, well-lit 3D rendering of this scene. You may add or subtract or change the models, create textures, arrange the shot as you please, or do whatever else you want to realize your vision of the scene.

Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History

first draft

render #2: change the angle and added more lights

render #3: added more lights and toned-down the walls reflectivity

render #4: Night. used render layers

This scene was modeled by Alvaro Luna Bautista (who did all the architecture and displays and everything except the dinosaurs), and Joel Andersdon (who made the dinosaur skeletons.)

Shaded and lighted in 3D using Maya 2008.
Post-processing done in Adobe AfterEffects, Lightroom and Photoshop.

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